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Production of plastic cards

  • Encoding of Magnetic stripes (LoCo, Meco, HiCo)
  • Application of Scratch-off panels
  • Ink – jet printing or numbering
  • Embossing
  • Thermal printing (text, numbers, bar codes, photographs etc.)
  • Application of Signature panels
  • Hot stamping of holograms 2D/3D

All types of mentioned cards can be made from multiplayer PVC (both side laminated or varnished), PVC, polyester (polystyrol), paper or paperboard cards.

For phone cards:

Most cards are made of multilayer PVC. Prepaid cards are made from paper and polystyrene and phone contact chip cards are made from varnished ABS.

Scratch-off fields:

Scratch-off fields consist of special layer that covers printed data on a card (mostly code numbers). Prepaid fields are used in particular for prepaid cards in the telecommunications field.
There are basically three types of scratch-off fields - holographic (use as standard), metallic and latex colour.

All types of mentioned cards can be made from multilayer PVC (both side laminated), polystyrene, G plastic, paper or other materials. Even if plastic cards are more expensive than paper ones, we can recommend them for their flexibility, time and temperature durability. Cards can be produced in standard “ISO” size (86 x 54 mm) or as "Key tags Cards".


Production of plastic cardsWe can pack individual cards or various groups in the form of folders in transparent (clear) plastic (similar to phone cards). Groups of cards, individual packs or boxes can be packed in spring foil.

Direct mailing:

So that it is possible to send cards to individual users along with flyers or other printed papers we make sure that the printing of these materials and their completions is done alog with cards. On the basis of marketing requirements from our customers we make sure that cards are sent individually either to the direct mailing address of the customers or to respective post offices according to the post-code-for any marketing scheme.