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Štěrboholská 44 - areál Tesla Karlín
102 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic

CARD CENTRUM - Plastic Cards for You

Card Centrum obchodní s.r.o. is the biggest producer of plastic cards in the Czech Republic. Card Centrum obchodní s.r.o. produces all types of cards – PVC, Polystyren (Polystyrol), paper or paperboard cards – for all purposes. Our main specializations are high quality (litho / offset print) pre-paid scratch-off cards highly equipped with personalization. These cards are mostly intended for telecommunication companies and mobile operators; however we also provide all other type of cards for different users – transport companies, financial and health care services, hotels, food chains, brick 'n' mortar as well as Internet stores etc.

Important and clear mission drives all stuff of our company:

  • Guaranteed low price
  • On time delivery
  • Highest possible quality

The Establishment of the Policy of Quality and Environment:

Card Centrum obchodní s.r.o. is a company amounting to more than 50% of the market share in the Czech Republic in the field of production of plastic and paper cards. This ranking binds us to high accountability of the stability and further development of the company, which could be achieved only by the highest quality of its products and services. Therefore, the management of the company declares this policy of quality as it’s strategic target in connection to quality:

  1. The most important issue is customer satisfaction - finding out what quality the customer wants and satisfying this demand and expectations of the customer is the defining measure.
  2. Be an innovative company - constant development of new technologies to improve and positively effect its production and provided services. To look for new ways how to satisfy customer demands.
  3. Guarantee quality and safety - constantly improve the quality of provided systems concentrating on the safety and reliability. To provide the customers with security of reliable operation and complex services with high added value. To explore technologies with maximal reliability and price effectiveness.
  4. Suppliers as partners - to invest into the effort of establishing above average relations with key suppliers and conform their choice to strategy of long term partnership. To evaluate suppliers according to the quality of products, price effectiveness, flexibility of distribution, innovative activities and aspect of establishing long term partnership.
  5. Process quality and continuous improvement - to stabilize and further improve the processing system of management to achieve maximum efficiency. To continuously monitor and improve the working steps by defining conditions for employees and by their constant training inspire their direct engagement as well as share on completing systems of quality.
  6. To produce and work ecologically - all actions, products or services might affect the environment. Our company tries to respect this fact by individual steps and to protect the environment. Furthermore the company is obliged to constant improvement of QEHSS as well as prevention of pollution.